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I am Kenya and I am Kansas
I am a father and I am a son
I am an American

I am a leader and I am a listener
I can reach and I can holdfast
I can shout or I can whisper
And I can find the good
That we all seek

And when I am defined in this contest
Or when my oppo­nents attempt to out­line me
And col­or me in
I am proud of who I am
For I am just a man
A father, a son, a hus­band, an American

And to be those things
I must earn the respect of
My wife, my children
And the peo­ple of my nation

I am an Amer­i­can for which all things are possible
In this vast nation of possibilities

Auteur et source : Jason Cleare, Writ­ers for Obama

Auteur/autrice : Lafontanelle

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Une réflexion sur « A poem for Obama »

  1. Well, not bad at all. Maybe we could try to do that as well for Hilary ? 

    I am a woman in love,
    In love for America,
    I’m try­ing to get above,
    But miss a few fel­la (well, that should be “fel­lows”, but in some mouthes, it is pro­nounced fella)

    I’ll do my best for my country,
    And wish that all become free
    I don’t fear any vote,
    But I’ll check the quote.

    Bill used to play her Monica,
    I will take care of Barak Obama

    Friend­ly yours,

    Ch. Prat

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