Don’t Worry, We’re Happy…

Libérons nous de toutes anx­iétés grâce à cette petite bouf­fée d’oxygène…

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  1. Here is a lit­tle song I wrote
    You might want to sing it note for note
    Don’t wor­ry be hap­py
    In every life we have some trou­ble
    When you wor­ry you make it dou­ble
    Don’t wor­ry, be hap­py.…..

    Ain’t got no place to lay your head
    Some­body came and took your bed
    Don’t wor­ry, be hap­py
    The land lord say your rent is late
    He may have to lit­i­gate
    Don’t wor­ry, be hap­py
    Lood at me I am hap­py
    Don’t wor­ry, be hap­py
    Here I give you my phone num­ber
    When you wor­ry call me
    I make you hap­py
    Don’t wor­ry, be hap­py
    Ain’t got no cash, ain’t got no style
    Ain’t got not girl to make you smile
    But don’t wor­ry be hap­py
    Cause when you wor­ry
    Your face will frown
    And that will bring every­body down
    So don’t wor­ry, be hap­py (now).….

    There is this lit­tle song I wrote
    I hope you learn it note for note
    Like good lit­tle chil­dren
    Don’t wor­ry, be hap­py
    Lis­ten to what I say
    In your life expect some trou­ble
    But when you wor­ry
    You make it dou­ble
    Don’t wor­ry, be hap­py.…..
    Don’t wor­ry don’t do it, be hap­py
    Put a smile on your face
    Don’t bring every­body down like this
    Don’t wor­ry, it will soon past
    What­ev­er it is
    Don’t wor­ry, be hap­py

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