In 1965 Viet­nam seemed like just anoth­er for­eign war,
but it wasn’t.
It was dif­fer­ent in many ways, as so were those that did the fighting.
In World War II the aver­age age of the com­bat sol­dier was 26…
In Viet­nam he was 19.
In inininininin Viet­nam he was 19.

(TV announc­er’s voice)
The shoot­ing and fight­ing of the past two weeks con­tin­ued today
25 miles west of Saigon
I real­ly was­n’t sure what was going on (Vet’s Voice)

Ninini­ni Nine­teen, 19, Ni-nine­teen 19

In Viet­nam the com­bat sol­dier typ­i­cal­ly served a twelve month tour of duty but
was exposed to hos­tile fire almost everyday
Ninininininininininin 19 ninininin­ninin 19

Hun­dreds of Thou­sands of men who saw heavy com­bat in Viet­nam were arrest­ed since discharge
Their arrest rate is almost twice that of non-vet­er­ans of the same age.
There are no accu­rate fig­ures of how many of these men have been incarcerated.
But, a Vet­er­ans Admin­is­tra­tion study con­cludes that the greater of Vets
expo­sure to com­bat could more like­ly affect his chances of being arrest­ed or convicted.

This is one lega­cy of the Viet­nam War

(Singing Girls)
All those who remem­ber the war
They won’t for­get what they’ve seen…
Destruc­tion of men in their prime
whose aver­age was 19
War, War
Ded­ed­ede-Destruc­tion, wa-wa-War, wa-War, War
War, War

After World War II the Men came home togeth­er on troop ships, but the Vietnam
Vet often arrived home with­in 48 hours of jun­gle combat
Per­haps the most dra­mat­ic dif­fer­ence between World War II and Viet­nam was
com­ing home… none of them received a hero’s welcome
None of them received a heroes wel­come, none of them, none of them
Nenene Nenene None of them, none of them, none of them (etc…)
None of them received a hero’s welcome
None of them received a hero’s welcome

Accord­ing to a Vet­er­an’s Admin­is­tra­tion study
Half of the Viet­nam com­bat vet­er­ans suf­fered from what Psy­chi­a­trists call
Many vets com­plain of alien­ation, rage, or guilt
Some suc­cumb to sui­ci­dal thoughts
Eight to Ten years after com­ing home almost eight-hun­dred-thou­sand men are still fight­ing the Viet­nam War

(Singing Girls)

Nininininininininin Nine­teen, 19, Ni-nine­teen 19
Nininininininininin Nine­teen, 19, Ni-nine­teen 19

(Sol­diers Voice)
When we came back it was dif­fer­ent.. Every­body wants to know “How’d it
hap­pened to those guys over there
There’s got­ta be some­thing wrong somewhere
We did what we had to do
There’s got­ta be some­thing wrong somewhere
Peo­ple want­ed us to be ashamed of what it made us
Dad had no idea what he went to fight and he is now
All we want to do is come home
All we want to do is come home
What did we do it for
All we want to do is come home
Was it worth it ?

Plus d’in­fos : Paul Hard­cas­tle

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