Qu’est-ce que ça donne, un rappeur vieux ?

Pour ceux qui n’é­taient pas au courant (ou qui s’en foutaient jusque-là), après avoir été rappeur sub­ver­sif et avant de tourn­er dans des séries poli­cières à la con, Ice‑T fut le leader de Body Count…

1994 BC still in the house They did
Every­thing they could do to take us out
But like any good mon­ster that just made us stronger
You see, they don’t like us and they don’t like you,
The BC fan,
‘Cause they know we stand for three things
Truth, jus­tice and fuck the amer­i­can way
That word jus­tice got me fucked up though
Twen­ty cops in the street, two go to jail
Thou­sands of peo­ple died in wars
Over­seas and it’s jus­tice ?
You think they give a fuck about us ?
You’re a fool

Born yel­low,
Born brown,
Born red,
Born black,
Born dead
Born dead

Born asian,
Born jew­ish,
Born lati­no,
Born poor,
Born dead
Born dead

But you don’t hear me though

New York, Atlanta, Chica­go, Oak­land, Mia­mi, Detroit

Every day I got­ta get out my mutha­fuckin’ bed,
Put on my mutha­fuckin’ gun,
Down in my mutha­fuckin’ gun,
Down in my mutha­fuckin’ pants, ’cause
Mutha­fuck­a’s out here is trip­pin’

How the fuck you gonna get up every morn­ing
Tryin’ to wor­ry about if you gonna make it to the next evening
Do you under­stand ?
Some­times we take for grant­ed
The lit­tle things like food, like free­dom

Born in soma­lia,
Born in south amer­i­ca,
Born in south africa,
Born in south cen­tral,
Born dead

Born dead

Extrait : Born Dead, Body Count (1994).

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