Une réflexion sur « Welcome to the Machine ! »

  1. Wel­come To The Machine, Pink Floyd, Wish You Were Here (1975)

    Wel­come my son, wel­come to the machine.
    Where have you been ?
    It’s alright we know where you’ve been.
    You’ve been in the pipeline, fill­ing in time,
    Pro­vid­ed with toys and ‘Scout­ing for Boys’.
    You bought a gui­tar to pun­ish your ma,
    And you didn’t like school, and you
    know you’re nobody’s fool,
    So wel­come to the machine.

    Wel­come my son, wel­come to the machine.
    What did you dream ?
    It’s alright we told you what to dream.
    You dreamed of a big star,
    He played a mean guitar,
    He always ate in the Steak Bar.
    He loved to dri­ve in his Jaguar.
    So wel­come to the Machine.

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